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Heritage Hills Baptist Church
Being God's Church in 2019
January 20th-26th
January 20th-26th

Pastor Doug urges you to join him and our staff in a week of prayer and fasting. If we will be God's church in the full expression of what that means, we must be transformed, strengthened, enlightened, and impassioned by the Lord. We must unite as a church in this precious season of prayer as we seek God, that He might bless us to fully be His church in 2019.


1. Pray for Spiritual Health

A spiritually healthy Christian demonstrates the character of Christ and grows in Christlikeness.

  • We must be cleansed of all sin (thought, attitude, and behavior)
  • We must be devoted to the work of God's Kingdom (primarily evangelism and discipleship)
  • We must be faithful in the disciplines of spiritual growth (worship, Bible reading and study, prayer, and fellowship)


2. Pray for Missional Success

Success in our mission fundamentally has these requirements:

  • We must have a clear understanding of and devout commitment to our mission
  • We must have unity in and ownership of our mission
  • We must be driven with conviction about the importance and urgency of our mission


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