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Heritage Hills Baptist Church
Life Groups

Some churches call their group ministries "Sunday School" or "Bible Fellowships." While the names, purposes, and functions of the groups vary, Heritage Hills chooses the name Life Groups to emphasize its ministry purpose of people doing life together. Life Groups exists to connect people with God, friends, and community members through small groups. At Heritage Hills, we offer both Life Groups and Sunday school.

Like a tripod or a three-legged stool, a Life Group engages in three equally-crucial functions:

1. Connecting with God through Bible study and personal application
2. Connecting with friends through caring for each other
3. Connecting with others through reaching people not yet in a group

Doing life together is being like family. While each Life Group is as unique as the individual group members, all Life Groups share Heritage Hills's core values and culture.

Group Schedule
Sunday Morning Groups

9:45am - 10:45am: Life Groups

Life Groups Director: Rebecca Pilgrim
Life Groups Co-Director: Mark Hinds


 Preschool Division 

Director: Cindy Bebout

Babies: Room P115
Deborah Martin

Toddlers: Room P113
Elaine Hendry

Twos: Room P111
Kay Hardy

Threes and Fours: Room P104
Gene Hardy and Lakeisha Courtney


 Children's Division 

Directors: Greg and Gayle Garrison
Assistant Director: Kathy Biffle
Secretary: Susan Martin

Kindergarten: Room P209
Jane Smith

First Grade: Room P212
Tina Beavers and Caitlyn Beavers

Second Grade: Room P213
Glenda Byrd and Michelle Magistro

Third Grade: Room P211
DeAnna Oser

Area 45: Room P214
Kelley Martin and Tammy Vilmar

 Youth Division 

Youth: Youth Room
James Henegar, Kerri Henegar, Eddie Koch, Serge Vilmar, Jessica Wingo, Jeff Wood, Tracee Wood, Christy Pattillo, and Danny Pattillo


 Young Adult Division 

Young Adults: Room FLC211-212
Michael and Melissa Bell


 Middle Adult Division 

Pastor's Group (Co-Ed): Room 103
Dr. Doug Ferguson

Unity in Christ (Young Married Adults, 25-45):
Room FLC213
Beth Adamson and Chris Atkinson

Co-Ed (30-51): Room 224
Samuel Divine

Co-Ed (41-45): Room 214
Christine Peterkin

Life Climbers (Co-Ed, 45-55): Room 208
Mark Hinds

Journey (Co-Ed, 45-70): Room 211
Phil Williams

Ladies (45-55): Room 212


 Senior Adult Division 

Co-Ed (56-60): Room 223
Mike Ghormley

Sojourners (Co-Ed, 60-70+): Room 220
Lee Lovall

In Touch (Ladies, 50+): Room 215
Becky Waddell

Men (70+): Room 102
Terry Lavender

Heritage (Co-Ed, 70+): Room 104
Fred Kirksey

Love (Ladies, 70+): Room 101
Renee Hagan


Frequently Asked Questions
I have little or no knowledge about church or the Bible. Is Life Group for me? Will I be "put on the spot"? What if the Life Group I tried was not a good fit for me? Is there anything for my children while I am in Life Group?
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