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Heritage Hills Baptist Church
Men's Ministry

The mission statement of the Men's Ministry focuses on helping men "to know God and make Him known." As a part of accomplishing this mission, the Men's Ministry provides the environment and opportunities that help men engage in the Four Essentials of becoming a missional follower of Jesus.

Deacon Ministry

Life brings about many hardships that are beyond our control, for which we may need the help of our Christian family. Earlier this year, the deacon body wished to align with the pastoral staff even more closely to assist where possible in ministering to the church body and to free up the pastoral staff to focus more specifically on their primary responsibilities. We realized the pastors spend a good portion of their time receiving calls and making multiple visits to the hospitals, during their days, nights, and weekends.

Therefore, in order to minister most effectively, we implemented the Deacon on Call ministry. This focuses on visitation of those in the hospital and prayer with and for those in need. The Deacon on Call will rotate each week and be published in the bulletin.

Should you need assistance that you might generally call the pastors for after 4:00pm or on weekends, please consider calling the Deacon on Call. If he cannot help, he will connect you with those who can. Deacons forward all information along to the pastors as well to keep them in the know. This is another way to help minister to the body of Christ.

Wish Box

The Men's Ministry Wish Box (located in the Commons Area) is there to assist members of the HHBC congregation with any projects, needs, or services you may have. Fill out a card, drop it in the box, and we will be in touch with you to discuss the details.

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